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“Watchdog”, Newham: the Cyclops of Olympic Park

“Watchdog” burglar alarm, Newham, 2010 • As if the gazillions of CCTV cameras watching us weren’t enough, now we’ve got burglar alarms with eyes too. And despite being on public land, I was heavily hassled by a bunch of G4 “security operatives” simply for snapping the one here. That’s because it’s in an area where most alarms – along with the rotting industrial buildings they were attached to – have been swept away to make way for London’s glossy new Olympic Park. I was once terrorized by a monstrous, crazed watchdog while exploring the Olympics area pre-demolition, and to me, this device resembles a blue-nosed dog with one mean, narrowed eye: the face of a wary Staffie with its ears flattened back, ready for combat. If the designer intended this, by the placing of the logo in relation to the snubby bulb below, then it’s deceptively clever; it makes me think of the plastic debris masks by African artist Romuald Hazoumé. It’s an all-seeing cyclops of the Olympics, a one-eyed Cerberus of the Bow Back Rivers. Or maybe that’s just my bad memories kicking in. • Spotted: Marshgate Lane, Newham, London E15, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of West Ham

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