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“Warren Bannister”, Derby: Ena Sharples meets bulldog

“Warren Bannister Partnership Gloucester” burglar alarm, Cirencester, 2007 • Printed on what appears to be a photocopy, this label is peeling from an elderly alarm in the West Country, where life moves slowly. Thus, rather than snarling, this decaying bulldog has an expression of quizzical disapproval; he looks less likely to take anti-burglar action than to harrumph and go back to reading his Daily Telegraph (or maybe it’s a she: add a hairnet and you’ve got a dead ringer for Ena Sharples). Design-wise, it’s a rare example of a black alarm, and features enjoyably retro 1970s disco typography. Closer inspection shows that the doughty mastiff has the initials WBP emblazoned on his collar. It’s meant to honour his ambiguously-named organisation, the Warren Bannister Partnership (one person? Two? A spy ring perhaps?) – but it’s also just a slip of the tongue away from the acronym for waste paper basket. Which is where this old dog looks like he’s heading next. • Spotted: Town centre, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7, England, 2007 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cotswolds

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  1. dear viki
    you keep turning up past memories of alarm companies,I know this
    company which was in gloucester city,two partners warren bannester/
    and graham gardner (graham a friend of mine) went on from WBP,to form A10 videtech alarm company,hope this helps you,used to do
    alarm work for them,burglar/fire systems/cctv etc

    • Thanks Robert, I think your memories must go back the furthest on this blog now – glad to see the other commenters appreciate them too!

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