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“Bulldog”, Derby: logo as abstract leg wound?

“Bulldog” burglar alarm, Derby, 2010 • Somehow, you feel the designer was not entirely in tune with the image that the word “Bulldog” normally conveys. With its popular “initial as logo” device and cheesy sci-fi-style fonts, this alarm’s stickered livery resembles the cuff of a jaunty sports sock rather than a fierce beast. Maybe the way the B is formed by an absence of ink represents the chunk of flesh the bulldog will remove from an unwise intruder’s leg, and the buzzing red-and-white stripes the raw blood and bone that will result. But I think not. It’s on nice bricks, though: and I can recommend Derby as a repository of many fine historical buildings. • Spotted: Town centre, Derby, Derbyshire DE1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Derby South

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