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“Kudos”, Bath: soppy superannuated Alasatian

"Kudos" burglar alarm, Bath, 2008“Kudos” burglar alarm, Bath, 2008 • I love this soppy Alsatian alarm in so many ways. It’s on a poncey pink-painted wall in the genteel Romano-Georgian city of Bath. It has a snobbish classical name – “Kudos”, meaning glory or renown in Greek – and depicts a potentially vicious dog as a delicate, doe-eyed supplicant. Its logo is a sensitive ink drawing, rare on a burglar alarm, and is printed on an ill-fitting sticker, not guaranteed to inspire confidence. The alarm casing looks like a 1980s clock radio, while the dial-phone symbol is probably not ironic, because this area code went extinct in 1995. The whole contraption is spattered in mud, which complements the pointillist style of the drawing and adds to the general air of pathos. And finally, it’s from a Lib-Dem constituency, which makes it a definite underdog in numerical terms. Sad superannuation, pompous overstatement, a cuddly creature, naive design, an attractive architectural setting – it ticks all my favourite boxes. • Spotted: Town centre, Bath, Avon, BA2, England, 2008 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bath

"Kudos" burglar alarm, Bath, 2008

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