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“Banham”, Kensington: the ponciest burglar of all

Banham burglar alarm, Kensington, 2010“Banham” burglar alarm, Kensington and Chelsea, 2010 • Unlike the shadowy intruder device, which is simply a generic silhouetted figure, pantomime burglars come in many forms. This refugee from Dexy’s Midnight Runners, on the venerable Banham shield, is by far the most poncey. Who does he think he is, posing in his fancy frame – a gondolier, a mime artiste, a strolling player, a jolly onion seller? He’s even dressed in golden cloth, playing on the beribboned motto “Another Burglar Foiled”. Banham knows it has a reputation as the posho’s burglar alarm, ubiquitous in London’s more gilded postcodes, but this is pushing it. He’s a burglar, goddamit, not a member of the Royal Academy. Interestingly (to some), this New Romantic-looking livery is a fairly recent Banham strategy; previously their alarms were of the minimalist typographic persuasion. From functionalism to frippery: it must be the way society’s going • Spotted: Cheval Place, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW7, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Kensington

Banham burglar alarm, Kensington, 2010

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  1. Just found this post by accident, Robert is quiet right about Radiovisor see my post in Lockstock about Radiovisor who really made their name and money in the 60s with their infra red beams that possibly the majority of companies used if not all.

  2. dear viki
    I worked in banham alarm for a short period of time,came down from glasgow,was with AFA security systems,it was about 1970s,great family
    business,new Mr & Mrs banham.
    At that time they getting into the alarm market,they used Radiovisor
    company,of london equipment,the used the first monitored system called,
    Radiovisor (Monive system) this meaning,when alarm was off the system
    detection wiring was monitored for breaks or short circuits.The outside
    bell boxes were red square types also made by radiovisor.The radiovisor
    also had the monive fire alarm system,two wire system The system was developed by a Mr.Ives of i believe radiovisor company that is why it was called the Monive system.Came recently working in a small B&B a old
    radiovisor monive fire system.Worked banham for short time in early 70s
    great company still is,all client were very up market and had lots of cash
    meet many nice customers when working with banham,happy memories.
    Yours Bob wightman (went back to AFA glasgow,after banham)

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