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“CIA”, Emsworth: secret service snooper

CIA burglar alarm, Emsworth, 2003“CIA” burglar alarm, Emsworth, 2003 • Here’s another CIA alarm, more happily composed than yesterday’s diagonal effort. Apart from being placed too high up to focus on sharply, everything about CIA alarms is utterly classic: the strident colour, the tabloid typography, the furtive figure. And, of course, being named after one of the world’s most notorious spy organisations. Though, assuming the real CIA is not in the UK burglar alarm business, what this memorable acronym actually stands for remains unexplained. • Spotted: Seagull Lane, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10, England, 2003 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Havant

CIA burglar alarm, Emsworth, 2003

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  1. Yes, he’s morphed from sporting a quiff and wearing Cuban heals in the early seventies, to trainers and a hoodie in the noughties!

    Glad you liked the video clip – which incidentally follows all of our company’s how-to and marketing videos (it’s due a retouch actually as our present logo has slight different font, the background colour has some subtle texture and the final frames need redrawing better – only if there were more hours in the day!

    • Well it was a really striking original design so glad to see you’re updating it rather than replacing it with something boring and anonymous like so many sounders today.

  2. So it actually stands for Christie Intruder Alarms? I did a big Google search before writing my CIA posts and turned up nothing (obviously looking in the wrong places), so thanks for the information. I really love the design of these alarms, nice to know some history, and that it dates from 1970. The good old days!

  3. Close. It was Barrie and Janet Christie. To quote their website – “in 1967 he decided to go into partnership with his wife, Janet. In 1970 they registered the name Christie Intruder Alarms Ltd and Janet designed the “crooked man” logo”

  4. I worked at Banhams in the early 80’s and one of the supervisors reckoned that it CIA stood for Christie Intruder Alarms named after the owner Charlie Christie…….. Anyone else know any different?

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