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“DSA”, Bath: a bizarre Freudian slip

DSA burglar alarm, Bath, 2007“DSA Bath” burglar alarm, Bath, 2007 • At first glance I thought the creator of this otherwise basic design had included touches that were positively Freudian. A doorway with a swishy fringed curtain, conjuring up both sex shop and butcher. A prominent knob, its position implying the door is firmly shut. A shadowy figure grabbing for it: desperate for entry, or escape? A peeping-tom camera spying impassively on the proceedings. And under it all the word “Bath”, suggesting a scene from Hitchock. Then I realised the boring truth: the swishy lines are meant to be waves of some kind, emanating from the boxy thing I’d assumed was a camera. What the device really is, and whether it emits sound waves, light beams, or death rays, is left to the potential intruder’s imagination. But there’s no fringed curtain, and no Freudian subtext. Not intentionally, anyway. • Spotted: Town centre, Bath, Avon, BA2, England, 2007 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bath

DSA burglar alarm, Bath, 2007

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  1. The ‘D’ stands for Durrant I think…. There was a popular (although not particularly funny) ‘joke’ amongst the Security Systems cognoscenti of Bath involving the man on the siren, Mr Durrant himself, and the act of running away with a customers money never to be seen again, but I can’t tell it as it would be potentially libelous.

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