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“JB-Eye”, Manchester: Pacman eats burglar

JB-Eye burglar alarm, Manchester, 2009“JB-Eye Security Systems” burglar alarm, Manchester, 2009 • “Please, Mr Pacman, don’t eat me! I don’t want to be a topping on your giant cheese pizza!” This looks like a tiny, pleading figure imploring a monster Pacman not to devour him. The unusual refinement of a shadow suggests a blast of nuclear light emanating from the chomping black blob. What the title JB-Eye has to do with it all is opaque – the name of some weird Pacman religion perhaps? • Spotted: Deansgate area, Manchester, Lancashire, M1, England, 2009 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Manchester Central

JB-Eye burglar alarm, Manchester, 2009

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  1. Doesn’t the little guy getting eaten look like the silhouette of a startled oompa loompa? Maybe so startled he’s already filled his green dungarees. I think if you blew him up to full size he would be a very odd shape!

  2. Derived from TV eye where it depicts intruder caught on camera. Lateraly used as logo for J. Bridgewood Electrical Contractors. Yes you would struggle to get that on a sounder cover.
    In any event service gets backside kicked for not cleaning or replacing.

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