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“Regal”, Wandsworth: a work by Neville Brody?

Regal Security Systems burglar alarm, Wandsworth, 2002“Regal Security Systems” burglar alarm (stickered over RH Alarms), Wandsworth • Oh, the ignominy – having another firm’s logo plastered over your head. There’s enough of the original design showing to discern that this is an RH Alarms box, the same as yesterday’s faded felon – their trademark running figures had clearly become yesterday’s men. The Regal design is also pretty ancient by now, and looks inspired by the 1980s works of Neville Brody (famed art director of style mag The Face), especially his 1984 record sleeve for Marilyn’s Baby U Left Me. I’m sure the logo font is one of his: it’s like a cross between Dome and Typeface 4. I can’t find a digital version, but of course any old designer could have photocopied the letters from magazine headlines, as was common practice pre-DTP. However Brody did design things like estate agents’ boards in his earlier days, so it’s not inconceivable he had a hand in this – and a conspiracy theorist would note that his font foundry, Fuse, ran a design competition on the theme of security in 2005. The only regal connotations of the honeycomb device are royal jelly and queen bees (or, coincidentally, The Royal College of Art, where Neville Brody is now head of graphics), but the conceit of taking an aristocratic title is very common amongst the burglar alarm fraternity – and a theme I shall return to. • Spotted: Battersea Park Road, Wandsworth, London, SW11, England, 2002 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Battersea

Regal Security Systems burglar alarm, Wandsworth, 2002

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