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“TR Security”, Tower Hamlets: Grimm psychodrama

TR Security burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets, 2010“TR Security Alarms” burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets • This isn’t a cartoon, it’s a psychodrama. It’s so troubling it reminds me of a Grimm’s fairy tale, or one of those scary 1960s eastern european animations so brilliantly pastiched in The Simpsons as jerky cut-price replacements for Itchy and Scratchy. Let me describe the scene. The sun is high; the shadows small. A stocky, bizarrely-dressed man with the bulbous nose of a heavy drinker sprints across a featureless wasteland. In his white-gloved, malformed hands he cradles an intricate jewelled crown, the sort normally kept in a monarch’s treasury. Peering over his shoulder, masked eyes glinting, he grins triumphantly back at the victim of his crown theft: a neat suburban house. A house that is half human. A house that is sobbing. Its sides heave with emotion, its door gapes in horror, its upstairs windows have become scrunched-up eyes squeezing out huge tears. By its side sits a writhing tangle of shadows, so dark it’s impossible to work out what lies within. Maybe it’s the house’s existential despair; maybe it’s the burglar’s black soul; maybe it’s just a bad drawing of a bush. But the moral is clear: don’t store a crown in a suburban house, and if you must, then don’t leave the front door open when there’s a weird-looking bloke hanging round. • Spotted: Commercial Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow

TR Security burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets, 2010

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