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“Detec New Romney”, Bexhill: nuclear quill

Detec burglar alarm Bexhill 2009“Detec New Romney” burglar alarm, Bexhill • The isolated marsh town of New Romney is more ancient than its name suggests, and I “detec” that this alarm’s been around a long time too. Painstakingly drawn in scratchy pre-DTP pen lines, it combines the tropes of detection and tech in a naive 1970s blast of letters, as if radiating from the ageing nuclear power station at nearby Dungeness. The famous driftwood garden of overrated 1980s film-maker Derek Jarman is also at Dungeness, while Jarman himself lies long-buried in the graveyard of New Romney’s Norman church. Unfortunately he doesn’t add any circularity to my thesis, because I actually found this alarm in Bexhill. • Spotted: Marina Arcade, Bexhill, East Sussex, TN40, England, 2009 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Bexhill and Battle

Detec burglar alarm Bexhill 2009

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  1. Just like to say how great your website is, since finding it we check it out every week. My boss used to work for DETEC alarms and before starting Ashe Alarms. He also worked for Securicor Granley Alarms in the 80s. Keep an eye out for one of our bell boxes as they are dotted all over London ;) Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks – I do have an Ashe photo I think, but it hasn’t featured yet. Maybe I should have included it under the “Botanic” theme!

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