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“Minder”, Lambeth: knackered nuclear device

Minder burglar alarm Lambeth 2011Minder” burglar alarm, Lambeth • With its red button light and circuit-laced dial, this it looks like the decaying control panel for some superannuated nuclear device, and is the first of this design I’ve come across. I only found it yesterday, on some railway arches near one of Damien Hirst’s many studios; if I’d discovered it earlier I’d have posted it after the Crime Fighter alarm, whose graphics so reminded me of The Sweeney’s opening credits. Comedy crime caper Minder was Euston Films’ equally classic follow-up, and also starred Dennis Waterman, albeit on the other side of the law – he played Terry McCann, minder of small-time spiv Arthur Daley, for those too young to remember. Minder was big in the 1980s, and though I’m no expert in electronics, the antique wiring on display here appears of the same vintage as Tel-boy’s Ford Capri, and the graphics even older. I only hope Damien Hirst appreciates having such an unusual vintage alarm box opposite his premises. • Spotted: Newport Street, Lambeth, SE1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Vauxhall

Minder burglar alarm Lambeth 2011

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  1. Also it looks like someone tried to disable the alarm and this is how i think it went.
    Guy gets up on ladder and has a look through the vents, notices theres nothing in there but the siren so proceeds to unscrew the screw, gets about a quarter of the way then the alarm sounds due to the tamper switch, realises the micro switch is hidden under the siren out of sight then begins to panic, smashed the strobe in a last ditch effort then realises there a blinking bulb, gets down off ladder and makes a run for it.

  2. Hi there I just pick up from a boot sale a full complete. Kit of this alam system. All boxed with Dennis Waterman. On the boxed. Now sure what it worth. Now

  3. This alarm system was as you said WELL advertised in the 80’s by the minder duo after their show. so I guess this is how it got it’s name. as i remember it was a diy kit using magnetic contacts and pressure pads. no passives as they were most likely too expensive at the time.

    • Well that’s way too technical for me to understand! But it’s a really unusual alarm and I’ve found no others like it.

    • Back in the 80s there was two versions of this home minder system you could buy. The first version was a diy alarm kits which had door contacts and a panic button. Inside the bell box there was a 5″ cream horn siren which was aimed at the vents, a screw tamper, the red bulb light (only lights up if the alarm goes off) and a little module which controlled the tamper switch meaning instead of using four core wire you’d use twin core wire. All this was about 95 pounds.
      Then you have the installed version which was installed by an engineer. This version was the higher security version. The contract panel was alot more sophisticated having a siren and detector test button, it also had zone fault Leds. The system used pir sensors or ultrasonics and door contacts. The bell box had the same guts inside but instead of using the small module the diy kit had it used a sab module so if you were to cut the wire to the bell box the siren would run off its own battery inside the bell box setting off the alarm. It did cost round about 185 pounds.

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