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Colour photo-essay: A burglar alarm rainbow

This week, an exploration of popular burglar alarm hues – there’s lots of red, yellow and blue, but why so little green?

Burglar alarm rainbow

Most burglar alarms are a mish-mash of colours on white, but a significant minority are predominantly single-hued, which is far more striking. This week I’m exploring these “found monochromes” (to put it poncily) – starting with a spectrum of the most common. As with other domestic goods, from curtains to cars, burglar alarm colours go in and out of fashion: over the years there’s been lots of red, yellow and blue, with silver coming up fast on the inside, but very little green or black – and I’ve yet to find an orange, pink or purple box. Over the next few days I’ll take a closer look at each part of the spectrum. • Above, from top: red, yellow, green, blue, silver, black…

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  1. This must be the best collection of Alarm Boxes in England.
    well done for all your hard work.

    From one who also looks at alarm boxes when out shopping!!

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