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Blue alarms: faded relics and fancy concepts

Burglar alarm colours: blue • Once, blue was the colour of burglar alarm relics – sun-bleached metal boxes that had seen better days, their simple modernist shapes faded to evocative shades of seaside turquoise. But recently a brash Tory navy has been hitting the scene, shiny and strident in complex moulded plastic, boasting fancy concepts such as First Choice and Eurotech. Call me old-fashioned, but I know which kind of blue I prefer. • Below: a selection of old-style light blue alarms (top) and new-style dark blue alarms (bottom)

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      • just been out observing the alarms when they are out at night.
        We are lucky enough round this area to have one particular alarm company that has a light in the box and illimunates the whole yellow box at night, there are a few varients, just wondering if i could do an “alarms are alive” section.

        • These lighted up boxes seem to be a current trend, I’ve seen a few too. It would be great if you joined the dedicated Flickr group BurglarAlarmWorld at and posted your photos there (you’ll need your own Flickr account first, a basic account is free). It’s open submission and you can post many photos a day. I’m going to be inviting others to join the group too and promoting interesting contributions on Twitter. It means you can keep control over your own photos and comments, and hopefully inspire some interesting debate.

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