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Black alarms: a rare and ageing crew

Burglar alarm colours: black • Despite their smart and sinister appearance, black alarms are rare, so I’ve cheated a bit here. The Rely-a-Bell and Granley boxes probably started out as blue – but they’re so ancient they’ve faded to an indeterminate monochrome. A few more here are blackened by rust, while another is simply black plastic innards. As for the Homeguard alarm, it’s been carefully painted black to match some proud homeowner’s Tudorbethan gables. So apart from The Alarm Company’s newish matt-black effort, which appears to be channeling the logo of a 1970s mobile disco, and the aptly-named Squire, which was found on a half-timbered clothes shop, this is a rather sorry and ageing crew. • Below: a motley selection of alarms passing for black

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