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“Thames Security”, Windsor: fierce royal swan

“Thames Security” burglar alarm, Windsor • Swans may look graceful, but they are fiercely protective of their nests and capable of breaking human limbs with the merest flick of a haughty wing (or so I was always warned as a child, when we lived next door to a swan-infested creek). This alarm has a posher location near the Queen’s main castle at Windsor, which lies on an equally swan-infested stretch of the river Thames. Swans were once highly prized as game meat, and in the 12th century only the rich were allowed to own them; ever since then, the Crown has retained rights over all “unmarked” swans (ie those not owned by anyone else) in open water. In Windsor, this means the Thames, home of a yearly ceremony called “Swan Upping”,  in which ridiculously-dressed men count the swans for benefit of tourists, and presumably to make sure none of the Monarch’s birds get nicked. Thus Windsor, the Thames, swans and security are inextricably linked; and this burglar alarm is not as surreal as it may at first appear (apart from the giant floating T). • Spotted: Town centre, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4, England, 2009 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Windsor

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