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“Spy Alarms”, Lambeth: a creepy Masonic sign?

“Spy Alarms” burglar alarm, Lambeth • Once upon a time, a proud Lower Marsh retailer had this burglar alarm smartly fitted into a niche in their shop sign. Such was their attention to detail, that before the Spy label was stuck on, they even had the alarm’s case painted dark blue to match the fascia. Then along came the sun, the wind and the rain – and off started to peel the Spy label, because it didn’t stick to the paint properly. The result is a scarily blank crying / beaming Egyptian-style eye above a decaying paranoiac logo, peeking creepily out of its hole like a weird old sign for some defunct Masonic lodge. (Although Lower Marsh is so odd it wouldn’t surprise me if there actually was a Masonic lodge there.) • Spotted: Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London, SE1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Vauxhall

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  1. Google Unied Grand Lodge of England to see more masonic signs, in fact if you pop into their HQ in Great Queen Street you can have a guided tour including the Grand Temple itself, well worth a visit to see a fantastic Art Deco building, Spooks on tv use it as their HQ!

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