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“Churchill”, Camden: evoking wartime Winston

“Churchill Security” burglar alarm, Camden • Unlike yesterday’s Union Jack, this has an unambiguously WWII slant. Churchill is not an uncommon name – there’s the insurance company with the talking dog for instance – but even if Churchill is the surname of this firm’s owner, the addition of a waving national flag can’t help but evoke the legendary wartime Prime Minister, which is undoubtedly intentional. A Thatcher alarm similarly decorated wouldn’t summon up quite the same subliminal image, and as for Blair Security, the mind boggles… though it would be amusing to discover one. • Spotted: Betterton Street, Camden, London, WC2, England, 2002 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Holborn and St Pancras

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  1. Never knew this was a menvier I thought it was a CQR. Malgor used this box except a red strip strobe. Very 1990s box.

  2. This is an old menvier alarm box also used by malgor (a brand by two brothers called malcom and gordon). I wonder if that wiring pipe is connected to that box (or something to do with it)m but it’s not because i’m always wrong.

    • Doubt it. alarm fitters can’t do 20mm galv tube. If you were pro enough to be able to stick a set in it then you would be pro enough to use a decent bell box.

      All signs point to definitely not! Looks like it has been taken down in favour of a massive sign now.

    • Never knew Menvier did their own box too. Seems like most manufacturers have a ‘token’ offering for the uber completist, Scanny with the Eurobell, Castle with that house shaped thing, MDT/Avanti with the Armourgard (although that was good!). Honeywell still do the Reson8 and ‘that other one’ AFAIK.

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