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“Blitz Security Alarms”, Old Coulsdon: shaky start

“Blitz Security Alarms” burglar alarm, Old Coulsdon • OK, so it’s blurred, but I’d only just got my first digital camera (high-end at the time, £700 for three megapixels – how times change). I was actually photographing a parade of ridiculous half-timbered Tudorbethan convenience stores in deepest Surrey (see below), when I noticed the name on a tiny box located above a fascia. Blitz: a term powerfully associated in the British psyche with a brutal Nazi invasion attempt, and the “Blitz spirit” that survived it. The cod-medieval shops and cod-wartime security device seemed to meld into a parody of the traditional values supposedly espoused in this cosy and affluent Conservative heartland, but it still seemed a weird word to put on a burglar alarm. Intrigued, I started looking out for more wartime burglar alarm names, and soon discovered a Churchill and a Spitfire. They too were in Tory areas, so I started noting the political constituencies of all the alarms I photographed, to see if there was any correlation between subject matter and voting patterns – a project still in process. And thus an obsession was born. • Spotted: Coulsdon Road, Old Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5, England, 2001 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Croydon South

Above: the cod-medieval shops where I found the cod-wartime alarm

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  1. does not look like that anymore, less food in this shop now!! don’t know much about burglar / intruder alarms but i shop here often. love this village especially the park grounds, the schools, the church and the pond up the road. The tudor rose pub is a bit pricey but very nice!!

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