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‘Blitz Security Alarms’

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  1. Hi, Came across this blog by accident whilst doing a search on Google and thought I would say hello!

    Ed Scalpello
    (Yes, the other half of Scalpello & Wakefield Alarms…….)

  2. Yes, and I remember Brocks Security who tried to make out they were the next best thing to fireworks. In the 70s there was a small company in Lancing called Failsafe, which you probably don’t know about, and would be overwhelmed by the design of the alarm box; it had FAILSAFE on it and nothing else. If ever there was a stupid name for a security company that was supposed to be dedicated not to fail, I’ve yet to hear it.

    I was in partnership with another chap then, and we called the company Scalpello & Wakefield (guess who the Italian was). Our logo was a burglar with a bag of swag. We thought it was original back then and so I guess we were the fore-runners and trend setters for hundreds of emulators.

    • Well I would love to come across both Failsafe & Scalpello and Wakefield sounders – I shall have to start exploring that bit of the South Coast a bit more deeply!

      • The last place I saw a Scalpello & Wakefield box was on the corner of Tarring Road and Heene Road, Worthing. That was about 7 years ago. If it’s still there it’s probably just a bunch of ginger iron filings now. Others, now defunct, that you might look for in the south, if you don’t already have them, are Crimefighter, Owl Security (he was a fly-by-night!), DES, Thistle (A Scottish bloke. Look in Hayling Gardens, Worthing), Securitall, Kestral Security (not Kestrel who are still with us, but Kestral – owned by a very clever chap called Dave Evans who couldn’t spell.)

  3. I know Mr Blitz personally and he is a nice man, but I have always thought that he has probably turned away many potential customers by using this name.

    I lived through the blitz in London and I would never choose a company that reminded me of such horror. He is too young to know about it.

    Now you know how ancient I am and probably really not in my right mind any more.

    • Not at all. I can think of plenty of people who are old enough to remember the Blitz and are in their right minds! My late mother was one for a start. And it’s an important thing to remember, though possibly not via product titles. (Although to be fair, the word HAS shifted meaning over the years, and definitely does have connotations of a big clean-out to younger generations, as was demonstrated on The Apprentice this year.) Plus I imagine you may know about some of the older firms covered in this blog, such as Modern, AFA, Lander, Shorrock etc.

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