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“Blitz Security Group”, Southwark: shiny bomber

“Blitz Security Group” burglar alarm, Southwark • After taking yesterday’s incredibly blurred photo of a Blitz alarm in 2002, I was always on the lookout for other examples, but never ran across any. When I decided to start writing this blog, I became so desperate to shoot a sharper version that I made a pilgrimage all the way back to the Surrey shopping parade where I’d originally found it, but the Blitz alarm was there no more. And despite an extensive exploration of the surrounding Old Coulsdon area, during which I snapped lots of other good vintage burglar alarms (to the understandable suspicion of several locals), I still came home Blitz-less. I assumed it was a small Surrey firm that had gone out of business many years ago, hence my failure to find one. So imagine my surprise when, a few weeks ago, I spotted a shiny new Blitz alarm just a short stroll from my home, in a road I visit practically every day. A brief recce turned up several more in the Waterloo area, which scuppers my theory that Blitz alarms only appeal in Conservative boroughs; but note that London SE1 is divided between Labour Lambeth and Lib-Dem Southwark, and so far I have only found Blitzes on the Lib-Dem side of the street – and they are in coalition with the Tories, after all. Blitz Security Alarms, meanwhile, have been upgraded to Blitz Security Group, and acquired a smart new design featuring the ever-trendy Cooper Black font. It’s a very nice logo – even if it does conjure up images of a merciless fascist bombing campaign. • Spotted: King’s Bench Street, Southwark, London, SE1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bermondsey and Old Southwark

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  1. I agree about the WW11 connotation Vici but in fact the name had a different and quite frivolous origin – which I will not go into here – its too silly. :-)

    I was delighted to read your comments “a smart new design featuring the ever-trendy Cooper Black font” and “It’s a very nice logo” (especially since I designed all the logos since 1983 + insisted on the stainless steel box). From someone in the art and publishing world that is quite a compliment! Thank you.

    I love the blog! Great writing + very amusing. I admit to being somewhat obsessed with alarm boxes and logos myself (I have lots of pics too including some from abroad) – but my excuse is that I am am checking out the competition. ;-)

    Paul Germaine – Managing Partner – Blitz Security Group

    • Well, if it’s printable, I’d be interested to know the origin of the Blitz name. As I say in my first Blitz entry, it’s one of the alarms that really sparked my interest in the genre. And I meant it about the nice logo: the font, sizing and placing are all very well judged, plus it works well on the silver box – I assumed a professional designer had done it.

      • Yes its printable – and very exciting actually. In 1982 I was considering all the possible names for my yet to be born firm. You know, like Centurian SecuritIES or Nemesis Nightguard or Armageddon Alarms. I think you can see the scene. All of sudden an inner voice said – No! Be different! 30 years from now the pop-art world wont be able to get enough of old burglar alarm logos and you could make millions by being different from all those firms with logos featuring a cartoon or malformed burglar.
        Go for a WW11 theme – like Lone Hurricane Systems…or Ol’ Blighty Burglar Alarms.. and the rest, as they say, is history. ;-)
        (actually the original typeface is a clue to the real, and much more prosaic, reason for the Blitz name!)

        • Ha ha. Although Armageddon Alarms is a brilliant name – I can imagine the criminals cowering now, dreading the punishments that will rain upon them. I think there’s a vacant niche for super-apocalyptic names within the security industry. As for Blitz, yes, I’m pretty sure I have guessed…

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