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  1. these panda alarms are vary good because the battery on them last for 7 years but sadly once its been seven years it spews out acid that corrodes the box and bell. for some reson the person how owns panda was a criminal and was sent to jail so panda went bust so did alpha burglar alarms but I dont know why?

    • The panda alarm was just a mere diy bell box. That could go from bells to even sirens depending on what the buyer wanted in them this also applys to sabs too. The bell you wouldn’t find any other company use because it was custom made for panda alarms limited. I guess it could be the first modular bell box besides the metal type c. Now the guy who owned panda Leopold, was also a diamond merchant believe it or not and he was always paranoid so he bought a gun and counseled it in his hoover. He told a friend about it and his friend told the police thus he got arrested. He contacted a friend to take over the company for a bit but for the time his friend was company leader he learnt how to defeat pandas alarms and broken in to two banks but got arrested. So no one could take over the company and over time it dissolved. I think the friend of Leopold is now working on a pipeline in Scotland and fun fact when the police swated the friends house (I should really learn his name) that found 23 panda bell box’s in his basement 23!.

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