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‘Maxim Burglar Alarm and Enright Security’

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  1. The Enright bell box shown in the picture was actually manufactured by Radiovisor and actually had four cover screws, one in each corner. The sounder would contain a 6″ bell with an SAB module with two reed switches. A magnet was fitted to the bell box lid and a. Magnet fitted to the wall through a hole in the back of the box. The reed switches would act as tamper switches.

  2. Enright Security was acquired many years ago by Lander Alams who were acquired by Modern Alarms who were acquired by ADT. I remember taking over an Enright Alarm. Try used Munford and White control units. I couldn’t get the cover off the bell box. The bill box ad four rubber bushes, one on each cornr,when you removed th bush the bolts were at the bottom of the case. Ended up putting a sticker over it.
    Maxim were a Scottish company who operated for a short tie in London before being bought by Modern Alarms. The bell box was actually a Woden back box with the metal cover covering the bell.

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