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“Modern Alarms”, York: an ancient survival

“Modern Alarms” burglar alarm, York • Ancient and modern, in perfect harmony. The colours are as found: the once-yellow Modern box really has faded to the same sepia tones as York’s venerable bricks. The constituency, meanwhile, is a tiny island of Labour red in a sea of true blue Tory. There’s more on the history of Modern Alarms here• Spotted: Aldwark, York, North Yorkshire, YO1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of York Central

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  1. Modern alarms did an earlier version in blue, they also sold the orange’ cheese wedge’ to other companies such as Gem Alarms in Bridgend and the South Wales Electricity Board.

    • Well, that’s another one to look out for – I’ve never seen a blue Modern alarm. I have seen the wedge used by other firms though, I think.

      • There used to be a blue Modern Alarm box on the Boots store in Bilston, West Midlands many moons ago, but was replaced by the yellow hexagon box during a refurb.
        It’s the only example I know to.

  2. Whilst it sounds very sad, in my office, taking up most of my floor spece I have a collection of old bell boxes which you would probably die for ….ummmm I’m sure you are as sad as me! Well, there are only two bell boxes I have never had and desparetly want. One is the pictured Modern Alarms wedge style steel bell box above, the other being a white Brocks Alarms bell box with the lion on it.

    • Well if you can, take a photo of them! If you do, let me know and I’ll give you details for emailing it, then I can post it here. Or you could upload it straight to the Burglar Alarm Britain Facebook page. That goes for anyone with interesting photos. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow photo-replies to comments so you can’t post it here directly yourself.

      Re the white Brocks alarm, you still see those around, you should nick one ;-)

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