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‘Houseguard Security’

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    • No they were before the days of Master Blaster, we used to use Gents 240 volt siren mostly inside to make a lot of noise. I remember fitting three of them in all the Nurdin & Peacock’s warehouses.

  1. Yes, you just jam a screwdriver in to stop it worker, although I wouldn’t want to try it. This company is really old early 70s, it was owned by Mr Mumford or Mr White of Mumford & White, There are still quiet a few of these boxes in the Guildford area.

    • Hi mike; noticed your comments on mumford & white, fitted a few other panels, still got the panel sheets (CDP2..CDP4) believe tunstall security took them over, did you ever use tunstall panel range, CPA6 multiplex system with ZEM two zone modules, which made the cpa6 a system which could have 60 individual zones, programmed at panel .//// for night, PA, exit route//24 hour.

      Still have quite a few of the M&W panel sheets like the 5152 9 zone unit/// Did you ever use th M&W zone omit units, just started after reading your comments on M&W, to look through some of my old panel sheets M&W and tunstall security sheets

      • When I sold in 82 I became Wimbledon Branch Manager for Landers so didn’t work on any panels for 3 years, anyway had to use Lander’s panels which was Microtech that later became the Galaxy panel. So when we started our new company in 85 the CPA6 had arrived, I had never worked on a panel that had to be programmed which was fun first time round. My partner had fitted one a few months earlier, he never got on with programming panels or computers even now, so he just gave the manual to the customer and left him to program it, lucky the customer was an old friend and if you knew Eddy Enright he could get away with it.
        Our company fitted alarms in London Borough of Merton schools where we had to fit the 5152 and larger version right upto late 1990s, because they believed the weaknest of code operated panels was that if someone asked for the code and it was overheard by one of their darling pupils they could overcome the alarm. They only changed to code operated panel when we exhausted our stock of the M & W panels.
        I used the unswitched zone omit unit upto around 2007 because it was easy for the engineers to connect to the system.

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