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“Cannon” and “BAC”, Bristol: changing faces

“Cannon Bristol” and “BAC Fire and Security” burglar alarms, Bristol • A Cannon alarm surreally framed by two laurel-wreathed romanesque heads on a typically splendid Bristol building, which was pretty grimy when I first came across it in 2006 (top pic). I went back recently to see how it had fared, and discovered a spruced-up facade, and a change of alarm (middle pic) – in pictorial terms, I preferred the old Cannon. The building itself (bottom) is magnificent and strange, and features another pair of heads on the right, depicting a veiled woman and a wild-bearded man. The building’s current occupier, a hairdresser, is appropriate to the heads, but I’d love to know who it was built for: some Victorian business with links in Araby, presumably. • Spotted: St Nicholas Street, Bristol, Avon, BS1, England, 2006 and 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. Thank you Stuart for your info on this ive always wondered, and as Vici says looks very classy in chrome, hope it sounds the same as before as they were always very loud and not one that sounds like a ufo is landing like so many other sounders sound like!

  2. i much prefer the old cannon, i really like those boxes too been trying to find out who makes them. Wonder what the two characters either side think

    • Richard – I forget who used to make them – might it have been JSB Security – didn’t they make a lot of panels for Chubb and sort of go-under when Chubb stopped buying them and Menvier hoovered them up, dropping the JSB name? So, who remembers Bentley security? Well they are back – or at least the name is – and one of their first products is a repro of that sounder using what must be the exact same tooling –
      I’ve been tempted by everything but the price :-)

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