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“CIA”, Emsworth: backyard creeper

“CIA” burglar alarm, Emsworth• A shadowy CIA intruder is creeping through the rusty debris of this harbourside back yard, bringing a splash of red to the decaying scene. I featured a close-up of this under the “Shadowy Intruders” theme a long way back, when I had no idea what the initials really stood for. Thanks to some informed comment by Paul Germaine, I can now tell you that it is Christie Intruder Alarms, founded in 1967 by husband-and-wife team Barrie and Janet Christie, and still going strong on the South Coast today. According to their excellent website, this “crooked man” logo – one of my favourites, and still in use – was designed in 1970 by Janet Christie herself. When amateur burglar alarm-spotting friends come to me with exciting alarm designs they’ve stumbled across, it’s often this one, because it’s so amusing and noticeable. • Spotted: Seagull Lane, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10, England, 2003 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Havant

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  1. That’s hilarious; I had no idea there were so many companies thinking alike (or perhaps just copying an idea they’d seen in a different city!)

    I particularly like the smoke screen one LOL

    • It could well be that your mother’s excellent logo was the inspiration for some of them. But also many may have been inspired from TV credits of the time, or perhaps the James Bond logo. I don’t know the name, but I am sure there was some hugely popular TV series with a silhouetted figure in the late 1960s – The Fugitive maybe?

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