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“SDT Securities”, Dorking: awkward acronym

“SDT Securities” burglar alarm, Dorking • Another alarm featuring a literal depiction of a key, this time with an awkward unexplained acronym squeezed in. I like the way the screw caps are popping off and casting their own little shadows – they look like tiny alien eyes. I featured a wide-angle shot of this device in the “Beautiful Decay” category – it’s on a wire-swathed wall that’s even more olde worlde than the alarm. But that’s Dorking for you. • Spotted: Town centre, Dorking, Surrey, RH4, England, 2008 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Mole Valley

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  1. I love this website.

    Just a comment on SDT Securities that you missed…..

    As Wikipedia has it, “Securities are generally fungible, negotiable financial instruments representing financial value.”

    And I always thought that this alarm box was cheap!

    • Blimey. I had to look up “fungible” (Wikipedia to the rescue) – an interesting legalistic word meaning goods that are easily interchangeable (thus grain is fungible but diamonds aren’t, because each stone has a different value – or something; though I’d still rather have the latter). But I think this burglar alarm company wan’t thinking of financial engineering-style securities!

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