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“Lockstock Alarm”, Old Coulsdon: stylish shape

“Lockstock Alarm” burglar alarm, Old Coulsdon • Along with Radam, this unusual vintage alarm is another locksmithery winner: the highly stylised key logo wouldn’t look out of place on a 1960s Scandinavian boutique. The nearest I can find to such a shape in real life is the so-called paracentric key, which has a slot up the middle and complicated teeth – however not as spiky as these. The name “Lockstock” presumably derives from the phrase “lock, stock and barrel”, meaning “the whole lot”; however although it sounds plausibly lock-related, the saying in fact refers to musket parts. • Spotted: Coulsdon Road, Old Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Croydon South

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  1. Banhams used these bell boxes for many many years before switching to Euro bells. The boxes contained a 6″ bell a battery and a circuit board mounted sideways th a reed switch on each. A magnet was screwed to the wall lining up with one reed switch and a magnet glued o the lid, lining up with the second hen the lid was on.

  2. This is a very old Radiovisor bell box made in the early 70s. It was a popular bell box with a lot of companies as they probably also brought their infra red beams and control panels etc. Radiovisor produced a unique contol panel that monitored all the circuits even when the alarm was off called Monive (Mon for monitor and ive after the inventor Mr Ives). After Mr Ives death the company went downhill and ended up only manufacturing infra red towers and was sold a few years ago. You have a picture of this bell box also fitted by CIA (Christie Intruder Alarms).

    Upto a few years ago Lockstock was still trading in Purley, now run by the son.

    • Thanks, I really like to get a date on these boxes. I hadn’t recognised it as the same as the CIA box. One day I will do a series of all the different box types I have found, of which there are a great many – that will be fun for alarm anoraks!

      • My mistake the CIA box is not the same type. CIA used the Radiovisor box for many years and then changed to the type in your picture which was a similar style but a more upto date version with, speaker, strobe and slim. It could still be the same box used now, CIA had the same philosophy as my company which was not to change the equipment very often providing it worked ok.

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