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“Wakefield”, Worthing: Sleepfield, more like

“Wakefield” burglar alarm, Worthing • Sleepfield, more like: this was found in West Worthing, which is even more snorey than its dozy neighbour “main” Worthing, mobility scooter capital of the world. Back in 2003 digital cameras weren’t up to much and I wasn’t taking burglar alarms too seriously, hence the extreme blurriness, but you can just about make out a chain containing the initials WSS at the top. I’d like to get a better shot of this, and Google Street View, though usually a couple of years out of date, shows it as still there. So maybe I’m in luck – assuming I can be bothered to go back to Worthing. My brother (who tweets very amusingly about the underbelly of South Coast life as @LordScumland) lives there, so maybe I will. • Spotted: Tarring Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11, England, 2003 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Worthing West

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  1. Vici take no notice of John Wakefield, he is a touchy old bugger, like me, and we take offence very easily! ;-) John – I think that “I won a Hamburger” is even better!

    • Yes, it’s clever – and no one has ever made that joke before (they only get as far as Veni Vidi Vici). In fact, whenever I have to spell my name to someone I say “like the hamburger” – except it’s Mac not Mc. And my first name’s just a very pretentious spelling of Vicky which I decided was a good idea when a child. I’ve always had a thing about names – we always asked artists about their names in the art magazine I edited, you often got interesting answers. And I guess if I make jokes about other people’s names I have to accept them about my own!

    • Ha ha. Although I was actually taking the mickey out of Worthing… in fact I really like this alarm, which is why I may go back for a better shot.

        • Yes, I realised it’s an old ‘un, but it’s still nice – I’m really keen on vintage boxes, they often have more personality than the businesslike modern ones.

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