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Essex Security Services”, Tower Hamlets: last link

“Essex Security Services” burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets • This is my last locksmithery post for now, and I can’t pretend it’s been an rivetting theme. Some of the imagery has been quite nice, but I’ve certainly run out of things to say about chains. I found this in White Post Lane near Hackney Wick, one of the entry points to the Olympic Park. At the moment it’s an area of picturesque ruins, colonised by artists’ studios, and very photogenic; catch it while you can, because apparently it’s soon to be as blandified as the rest of the new-build area. Although I haven’t photographed many alarms actually in Essex (as I never seem to go there), I’ve got loads of from Essex Security Services, because East London is positively bristling with them. The firm’s still going strong, with a very different design, but this is an early example – I’ll be posting another, more violent, variation in a few days. Coming tomorrow: pigeon problems, principally poo. • Spotted: White Post Lane, Tower Hamlets, London E9, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow

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    • Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. Sadly I have never yet come across a Combat box! I don’t get out Essex way much which may explain it. If you can let me know where one is I will try and go photograph it.

      • Those combat bell boxes are as rare as hens teeth Vici, as the firm was sold in 1978.
        And i don’t mean the later 1980’s euro bell cover with the Combat logo
        when they were used on a “do it your self kit”. You still see a few of those around.

    • Its a good job I didnt slagg you off !!!!! You are going to have to take a picture ofthe Combat bell on your Dads house and send it to Vicki. I havnt seen a Combat bell for years.
      Send my regards to GERRY (with a G) and your Dad.

  1. Essex Security Service, based in Loughton Essex. Owned by the Donighue family. Started by father, Terry, who now lives in the Baharmas most of the year and run by sons Jerry and Andy. A good firm. Also guilty I making aquisitions of smaller firms over the years.

    Before Essex Security Security, Terry owned Combat Alarms – you still, if you look hard see the odd one or two Combat bell boxes. I think that they were one of the fist purchases made by Automated Security Holdings aka Modern Alarms.

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