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“APE”, Bristol: hairy hominid plus cheeky fly

“APE Fire & Security” burglar alarm, Bristol • Starting today: a bonkers burglar alarm bestiary. Animals are one of the most popular themes for security firms’ logos, and they’re not always fierce, with at least 50 per cent ranging from from cuddly to crazy. I’ll be posting, in alphabetical order, all the creatures I’ve found so far, excluding birds and dogs, which are so numerous they get their own categories. Thus I start with Ape (plus cheeky house fly), which combines several top security tropes in one minimalistic design: soundwaves, naive monogram, unexplained acronym, and an unfortunate connotation, as presumably it’s not really meant to suggest a large hairy hominid. Given the soundwaves I’d guess it stands for something techy like Audio Protection Enterprises, and the pre-dtp logo suggests it’s a long-standing firm. (Googles Ape Fire & Security). Yes, this firm is the first thing that turns up, established 1977 and still going strong with an up-to-date website. But as to what Ape – or as their blurb has it, A.P.E. – stands for, there is no mention.• Spotted: St Nicholas Street, Bristol, Avon, BS1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

Above: a real ape (Photo by Matthias Trautsch)

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  1. Hey Vici, thought I would put you out of your misery, ‘APE’ did orginally stand for Automatic Protection Equipment when it was formed in 1977. It went limited around 2005 and it was at that point it was changed to APE Fire & Security Ltd. Love your site and related articles. Regards Paul

    • Hi Paul, thanks for solving a mystery and adding to the blog, and also for your kind words! You’ll be able to comment without waiting for moderation from now on.

      • Thanks Vici.. Literally could spend hours on your site looking at all your bell box articles.. When you work in this industry you find that we are in the main fairly obsessed by bell boxes and where they are located. When you talk to others outside the industry and even dare I say clients, you always find that your enthusiasm for bell box’s is quite often not shared… Funny… thanks again. Paul

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