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“Blue Circle”, Great Missenden: fox-cat-category

“Blue Circle” burglar alarm, Great Missenden • I really can’t tell if this is a fox or a cat. Its pointy ears suggest the former, its posture the latter. However, since I already have a load of fox-based alarms, I am putting this firmly in the “cat” category (ha ha), of which it is currently the sole member (I’m talking domestic cats here – there are plenty of big cat alarms). Maybe it’s one of those long-eared Abyssinian cats (pictured below), which are reputed to be the same kind depicted ancient Egyptian art. Though why it is trapped inside a Blue Circle logo – which I thought was a brand of cement – remains totally obscure. Perhaps one day the person responsible for this strange and rather Chinese-looking design will enlighten me. • Spotted: Town centre, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16, England, 2007 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Chesham and Amersham

Above: a real Abyssinian cat (photo by Karin Langner-Bahmann)

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  1. Would love to see your collection of bells on YouTube matt, like what you did with the PIR’s was extremely interesting!

  2. Hi, I used to work for Blue Circle from when I left school in 1989 until about 2005. The story behind this logo was on the back of a leaflet that customers (or potential customers) would get.
    It is indeed a cat, a siamese cat. Here is a copy and paste from another site regarding The Tale of the Cat…
    “According to a different story, a sacred goblet had been stolen from one of Siam’s temples, and a pair of Siamese cats set off into the surrounding woodlands to search for it. After a time, they found it, discarded near to some bushes, so the male cat trekked back to the temple to report their discovery, leaving behind the female cat to guard the precious goblet. This she did, tightly grasping its long slender stem with her tail until her mate should come back. Several days later, he duly returned – and found to his great surprise that she had given birth, to five beautiful kittens, but each with a kink in its tail.”
    Hope that helps!
    Blue Circle was taken over by Chubb in about year 2000. It was a family run company with some really good installation standards. Good company to work for and my first job in this world and I was proud to be apart of this company.
    I still look out for Blue Circle boxes and still many around. I started recording a video for my youtube channel about them – the early boxes with bell and no strobe, the strobe light (seperately fitted underneath box), then the small strobe attached to bottom of box (like in this photo), vents, no vents, etc!! Might get round to finishing it one day!

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