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“Baker Hart”, Haringey: venison pie

“Baker Hart” burglar alarm, Haringey • I’ve slipped this into the middle of the animal run because it’s such an appalling photograph. I include it because it’s my only example of a stag, aka a hart, here clearly illustrating one proprietor’ surname. Technically they should have included a picture of a baker too, or perhaps a steaming bun, or even a venison pie, but I’ll concede that that might have looked less striking. The reason for the photo’s blurriness is that I hate photographing alarm boxes on houses, because the owner is – understandably – liable to rush out and give me a bollocking. So this image was snatched on the hoof, sneak-thief-like, from its neat white house in a leafy lane of Highgate as the late afternoon sun bathed its macho, rutting sounder. • Spotted: Jacksons Lane, Haringey, London, N6, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green

Above: a real hart, aka a red stag (photo by Bill Ebbesen)

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