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“JB-Eye”, Manchester: off-the-peg?

“JB-Eye Security Systems” burglar alarm, Manchester • I’ve already commented on the Pacman-ness of JB-Eye, but what I’m wondering about here is the cage. Was it specially made for this bell box? Or are there off-the-peg alarm cages available? This question will make more sense when tomorrow’s example has been posted. • Spotted: Deansgate area, Manchester, Lancashire, M1, England, 2009 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Manchester Central

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  1. These bell box cages are awfull to fit (if you use rawbolts) , even worse to remove, replace bell box battery.One company I worked for insisted that I wore trousers, white shirt & tie (as a service engineer).red brick dust is hard to get out :-(

  2. Thankfully in this example service has done what they are paid for. This EWD pre-dates the other example by many years and yes this time its clean. Service found the other example on Hewitt St (off Deansgate) and that should also be spic and span by now.
    The cage is an early off the shelf example the more recent units have the bars vertical to desist climbers. only fitted where EWD is vulnerable to attack.

    • Aha – so it is off the shelf. This is pertinent to tomorrow’s alarm, which does indeed have vertical bars. Glad to hear you cleaned up the other JB-Eye – I didn’t realise alarm firms were responsible for this! Although looking back at it, it doesn’t look that dirty to me – you must have very exacting standards.

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