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“JMJ”, Sheffield: ill-fitting

“JMJ” burglar alarm, Sheffield • Thanks to a comment on yesterday’s JB-Eye post, I now know that its red, horizontal-barred cage was an off-the-peg number. So what about this ill-fitting jobbie? Was it originally made for a jewel-shaped box (I wish someone would tell me what the proper name is for that shape) which later got replaced? Or is this the only shape you can get? As an aside, I cannot say how stupid I felt saying to my travelling companion, “hang on, I have to take a photo of that burglar alarm in an ill-fitting cage”. I have had many such moments, but I remember this unedifying spot, next to an unpleasant bar surrounded by broken glass, as a particular low point. • Spotted: Eldon Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Sheffield Central

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  1. No, its still a delta no matter which way up. Or else we would have the “Mekong Delta” but the “Nile Superman badge” :-)

  2. Its commonly known as a DELTA shape box. It was first made the other way up (wide bit at top with single strobe at bottom) then later an upside down variant made giving two facets for strobes at base.

    • I can only remember the initial box pointed at the top hence the name of Delta, which is the type we started fitting at Westec Security around 1990/91. When other companies started fitted them with the wider part at the top sometimes to enable them to fit their name or logo in, they were given the nickname of Superman Badge.

      I hope my memory is correct on this subject as it is not as good as it used to be, so apologies in advance for any mistakes.

      • There are so many variations on this shape – angular, rounded, faceted – but in all cases I have found far more oriented as Superman Badges than Deltas…

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