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“Kestrel Alarms”, Brighton: hostile takeover

“Kestrel Alarms” burglar alarm, Brighton • Last week cages, this week birds. I had so many bird alarms I divided them into two parts. The first was “arbitrary birds“, which were random and generally benign – bluebirds, doves, macaws and the like. Part two, “hawkish birds”, are more fierce, being the kind that rip apart large prey with their talons (technically I should have included owls here, but as they seem to feature on alarms for their cute or wise qualities, they’re in with the benign bunch). And although this cartoon Kestrel looks pretty unthreatening – like an avian member of the Blues Brothers, with his cool shades and cheeky smile (or that’s how I read it) – he’s made an effective hostile takeover of a box previously owned by LanGuard Alarms, a firm who still exist. At first I thought LanGuard was a stupid name, but it was founded by someone called Lang, so there is some logic there. And yes, I do know Lan also means Local Area Network. • Spotted: Old Steine, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1, England, 2004 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Brighton Kemptown

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  1. You are both correct. The shape of the box is the delta. If I’m nt mistaken you sed that shape Mike when you had Westec. That model is the Eldene HS500.

    I agree at h Kesteral sticker is covering the Languard screen print. Languard are asked in Brighton ad is owned by friends of me, Andy and Hilary Lang.

  2. This box looks like a second generation Delta box.

    First generation was a metal cover that would in time rust. Second generation were a polycarbonate cover with or without metal box inside. Third generation had a strobe inside that was visible through the cover when flashing.

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