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“Raven”, York: common thief

“Raven Security & Automation Ltd” burglar alarm, York • To round off a couple of weeks of hawkish birds, here are a few more arbitrary birds I’ve come across since the last lot. Raven is a generic name for various large members of the corvid or crow family, of which the Common Raven – which this sounder presumably depicts – is the biggest and most, well, common. It’s an interesting bird, very intelligent and with a long and usually dark history in folklore and literature, but I can’t see its relevance to security systems. Like its fellow corvid and burglar alarm star the magpie, it’s a scavenger and wily thief, associated with dead spirits and evil deeds, so hardly great protection material. Sure, ravens are famed for “protecting” the crown jewels by not flying away from the Tower of London – but that’s just a stupid Victorian marketing tale. More prosaically, this is probably the proprietor’s surname – which in medieval times referred to a dark-haired, thievish type, so still not very appropriate. Uncanny coincidence: ravens are so clever they’re known to use twigs as toys, and there’s a twig lodged behind this bell box. So maybe a real raven put it there. • Spotted: Marygate, York, Yorkshire, YO1, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of York Central

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