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“Swat Selby”, York: digital snooping

“Swat Selby” burglar alarm, York • Another mysterious SWAT alarm, this time with a bulb and a fancier “AT” monogram than yesterday’s. I’ve been googling SWAT and still can’t find out much about them: their website is just a holding page saying “coming soon”, which could date from any time in the last few years. It bears this swirly “AT” rather than yesterday’s clunky effort, so maybe this is the more recent alarm, though it looks pretty ancient. I came across quite a few old SWAT sounders in York, but no new-looking ones, so whether the firm still exists I don’t know. I suppose I could ring the number on their website’s holding page, but I haven’t reached that sorry stage yet, so restricted myself to digital snooping. On one of myriad business aggregator pages (which is where businesses go to die) SWAT turn up on there was a positive review from 2010 – possibly an insider job – saying they were a long-established family firm. I also visited their address on Google Street View, but there was no sign of them there, although as it’s a multiple-occupancy business centre, that doesn’t prove anything. So all I have learnt is that Selby – which I had never heard of before – has an abbey, lies beside the River Ouse, and looks as if it’s falling down. • Spotted: Grape Lane, York, Yorkshire, YO1, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of York Central

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  1. These are called a regal safe and are now made by Bentley security projects

  2. S.W.A.T. SECURITY (Swallow Alarm Technology) was founded by Mr Geoff Gordon in 1980.
    The company started life working from home and was known as ALARM TECHNOLOGY.
    In 1983 the company merged with SWALLOW SECURITY SERVICES and renamed
    SWALLOW ALARM TECHNOLOGY, which quickly became known as
    S.W.A.T. security, our bell box logo initials.

  3. They are on the NSI website as S.W.A.T. Security (inc. Alarm Centres), they are a Gold company for Intruder Alarms, Access & CCTV. The funny thing is though their website is down awaiting a new website, a bit strange why not keep the old site running till the new site is ready.

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