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“Barry Bros Security”, Westminster: abstract eye

“Barry Bros Security” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • This is quite a popular firm in central London, and I have come across several versions of their abstract eye design. This is the most recent-looking, although dating back to 2002; it bears the magic word “security”, whereas the older ones don’t. Barry Bros’ rather antiquated website says they were founded in 1945 and are based in Praed Street WC1, opposite Paddington Station; Google Street View shows them as still there, so presumably they still exist. • Spotted: Mortimer Street, City of Westminster, London, W1, England, 2002 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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  1. Been down that way yesterday, saw loads of Barry Bros on the traditional 3 attempts to follow the home printed map, (turning a ‘5-10 minute walk from the Station’ into an hours stroll!), the next day found myself walking from Paddington to Euston, I’m sure I actually saw several more real life boxes from your other blog, it was almost exciting :)

    • It is tragic, this burglar alarm lark. I even have a special slightly crappy zoom camera for it, known as “burglar alarm camera”. Wherever I go, I am forever seeing burglar alarms I have photographed. Friends point them out to me, and I have to say, “no, I already shot it” – which seems terribly sad somehow. I even see burglar alarms I have photographed on the news (in the background, not as standalone stories). I am easing up on the burglar alarm photography now, to concentrate on shopfronts, which require a much better but non-zoom camera. But rest assured I have around 2 years worth of burglar alarms still to publish.

      • Love it, special burglar alarm camera! Just imagine if you lost it and someone started going through the pictures… Carry on with the shop fronts though, they’re great, and actually I’m surprised you seem to get a few less comments on them. Not that comments mean prizes :)

        • I started doing the shop fronts before the alarms – that was what alerted me to them. I never thought this blog would get a following among the cognoscenti!

  2. As you can see in the Google view they are more into physical security. They probably started in 1945 as locksmiths and moved into alarms in the later years. A few years ago they were going to relocate to Richmond, but it hasn’t happened yet possibly because of the recession.

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