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“Raysil”, Birchington-on-Sea: sci-fi Clearasil

“Raysil Security Systems Ltd” burglar alarm, Birchington-on-Sea • Once again an abstract eye stares out from a diamond-shaped panel, this one less elegant than yesterday’s and possibly constructed from a clunky mutated R and Y. Raysil, reminiscent of Clearasil, is an odd name. The word “ray’ is always quite sci-fi-sounding, and it’s set in what in lesser graphic design circles of the 1980s would have passed for a sci-fi typeface. But I’m wondering if, more prosaically, it’s made of two names run together: Ray and Silvia, for instance, or Ray Silver (though my researches show the erstwhile owners, who sold out to a venture capital company in 2008, are not called anything like that). As an aside, can I point out that this hefty, angular sounder is surely one of the ugliest “jewel-shaped” (aka delta) boxes ever made. • Spotted: Town centre, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent, CT7, England, 2006 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Thanet North

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  1. They used to do a lot of fire alarms in their early days. Raysil was purchased by Stanley Black & Decker last March.

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