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“ExtraWatch Security Systems”, Islington: which witch

“ExtraWatch Security Systems” burglar alarm, Islington • From the land of Arsenal and Old Labour (by which I mean long-serving MP Jeremy Corbyn, not ex-resident Tony Blair) comes this mouldering, faded and defunct-looking item bearing the colours of both; draw from that what parallels you will. So bleached is it that at first I thought it said Extra Witch, which sounds much more interesting and conjures up (ha ha) images of a bevy of broomstick-riding harridans swooping down upon Islington’s cowering malefactors. Including, hopefully, Tony Blair. • Spotted: Marlborough Road, Islington, London, N19, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington North

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  1. Extra watch were also known as ATI or ATI EXTRA WATCH. They were a high pressure sales company selling wire free systems. Eventually purchased by Protection One who were bought by Tyco. They got NACOSS approved as part of the Protection One deal.

    • i think ATI extra watch offered more than you actually got we had a ATI extra watch wired alarm system and they were never great during power cuts cause every time we had a power cut we had to reset time and date their customer service was poor so we transfered over to KBO security

        • They waited exactly 1 year, and then somehow the backroom staff that repaired the parts sort of left. The field service staff became part of ADT’s field engineers. ADT engineers had a morning’s course on how to service the 8000 series system, and a system manual, both provided by me. I was regularly asked for technical assistance. At the time of the ADT take-over Protection One residential phone operators were all well trained by us and could fix many problems over the phone. That finished with the take-over, ADT operators were not trained this way and former Protection One operators were not permitted to provide the sort of previous back-up support.
          ADT removed a lot of systems because parts were no longer available, because parts could no longer be found, (see above).

      • you are referring to the 6000 series panel, and the reset time and date procedure was a device to clear user messages. When ATI and Protection One residential were answering the phones there was no problem with this procedure, the staff were well trained to deal with minor problems.

    • Protection One bought Extrawatch on condition that Extrawatch could achieve Class 6 wire-free approval. This was done. At that time the Extrawatch system was the best class 6 system. Extrawatch also installed wired systems when a wirefree system was not suitable for some premises. The wirefree system was known as the 8000 series system.

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