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“Gem”, Nottingham: rare jewel

“Gem” burglar alarm, Nottingham • I’m always a sucker for businesses optimistically named after rare metals and jewels, but sadly there are precious few burglar alarms named after precious things, even though that’s what they protect. This rare gem of a sounder was found in a quaint but creepy Victorian backwater of Nottingham hemmed in between a canal and a railway, where I got lost while looking for an art gallery (a common occurrence). Note the diagram of a faceted gemstone (a round brilliant cut I reckon), which shows why I classify the chunky faceted alarms security pros call “delta” boxes as “jewel-shaped” – they have the same sort of form factor. • Spotted: Sherwin Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Nottingham South


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  1. There’s another GEM alarms based in South Wales, they originally supplied gaming machines, GEM in this case stood for Gaming and Entertainment Machines.

  2. Update: contributor Richard J Mayfield, via a Facebook comment (for which I can’t give a specific link because Facebook is so useless), says: “I think the gem bit was also an acroynym for greater east midlands – security.”

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