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“Security Centres”, Shoreham: electrified portcullis

“Security Centres” burglar alarm, Shoreham-by-Sea • Security Centres must have been a big firm once, as there are still plenty of their sounders around London, all pretty old. This is one of the more recent examples, and shows the lightning flash much better than yesterday’s rusty and faded box. Shoreham’s meant to be quite posh, and has a weird 1930s “millionaire’s row” down by the seafront, home to Fatboy Slim and David Walliams amongst others; but most of the area is dominated by a really grim dockyard, which is exactly the sort of place you’d expect to find an electrified portcullis. • Spotted: Town centre, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43, England, 2005 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Worthing West

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  1. This sounder is. From Security Centres (GB) ltd not UK as in the previous pic, this company is based in Swansea and is quite a large and well respected company.

    It was founded by two ex Security Centres (UK) engineers initially as Swansea Security Services, they used the portcullis on their bell boxes and got away with it and then changed the company name to Seecurity Centres (GB)

    Modern Alarms who had bought the original company (UK) ltd weren’t too happy about this and took them to court and lost!

    • Thanks for the clarification Ceri, great to have a new contributor. Your comments will go straight through without moderation in future.

  2. Ok…..let’s remember that ths ‘Security Centres’ was born out of Security Centres Uk which is what Mike probably remembers. Both firms used the same logo. I think that this ‘Security Centres’ is based in Wales. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the original Security Centres and then sold off separately. Security Centres UK was originally Advanced SOS Security Group. Security Centres UK was aquired by Modern Alarms.

  3. Wow Security Centres, that brings back memories of the 80s, SC was the new company that was expanding and going places. Their website states they are now one of UKs largest privately owned fire & security companies.

    • You’re right, and they’ve still got the same logo. Their major activity seems to be in Wales and the west of England, where they’ve undertaken many major projects, so perhaps that’s why I haven’t come across many of their more recent bell boxes in the London area.

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