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“Wimpey”, Chelsea: not the burger chain

“Wimpey Security Systems” burglar alarm, Kensington and Chelsea • I came across this at Chelsea Reach, en route to explore the exclusive but tacky and depressing semi-gated community that is Chelsea Harbour (whose creation cut off to non-residential car traffic a very useful public road running behind the riverfront). It’s an excellent old Eurobell sounder with a long-obsolete Wimpey logo – look closely, and there’s a flash of lightning in the “C” of “Security”. Presumably it hails from George Wimpey, who merged with Taylor Woodrow to form Taylor Wimpey PLC in 2007, but was the UK’s largest private house builder in the 1970s – the same era as this alarm. • Spotted: Uverdale Road, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW10, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Chelsea and Fulham

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  1. Another blast from the past. At the beginning of the 80s a few building industry companies moved into the security industry, there was SGB and RMC who brought Lander Alarms, both fighting over buying existing alarm companies. Then a few years later Wimpey entered mainly because they thought by fitting wiring for an alarm into every new house they built, that the purchaser would then pay extra for the alarm to be fittied. Not so, one reason they had spent all their money and any spare money would go on something more exciting than an alarm system, also the basic wiring Wimpey fitted did not always go to where the insurance company wanted a detector etc.
    Wimpey Security became Regal Security who later sold to ADT in 2001. SGB never really done much and as mention in another post Landers sold to Moderns in 1990.

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