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“Ape Fire & Security”, Bristol: watchful simians

“Ape Fire & Security” burglar alarms, Bristol • I’ve already commented on the oddness of APE’s logo, and still don’t know what the unfortunate acronym stands for. Anyway, here’s a pair of watchful simians hanging from yet another graceful Bristol building – the locals don’t seem to have much to do except sling random sounders up all over their beautiful and historic city, which makes it a great hunting ground for me. • Spotted: St Nicholas Street, Bristol, Avon, BS1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. On the two bell boxes shown on the building in St Nicholas St, right next to each other… I would agree, this is very unusual… This was an inherited system for APE, installed by others which we simply took over. Both are live bell boxes, one was for the system on ground floor and the other was for the system on the accomodation above the bar. Not something we would normally do when designing and installing from scratch but had very little choice when already installed. Ironically this graceful building in St Nicholas Street was at the time a Gentlemans Club… although not any longer.

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