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“Alpha”, Manchester: flying ducks

“Alpha” burglar alarms, Manchester • The graphic designer in me enjoys seeing things neatly aligned, and these two random Alphas don’t comply, looking like flying ducks missing a third bird. Fledgling burglar alarm engineers should take note: compare them with the preceeding carefully-considered compositions and see how much more pleasing sounders look when placed with architectural precision. • Spotted: Little Peter Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M15, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Manchester Central

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  1. Fantastic Company to work for until swallowed up by Initial. Alpha’s bell box’s were all stainless steel, these boxes were from Data alarms taken over in 1999, we had to make sure the Alpha name was put on the box on the 1st visit to site.. Alpha started in 1968 and was eventually taken over by Initial in 2004.

    • Thanks for your comment, it’s always nice to get some expert background information on a firm. Any further comments you make will now go straight through onto the blog without moderation.

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