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Ex-alarm, Southwark: rusty remnant

Ex-burglar alarm, Southwark • Good news: this rusty old bell box remnant is the last “skeleton alarm” for now. The age and long, narrow shape suggest to me it may have been a Brocks, of which there are others in the area. Or perhaps it was a fire alarm? I await expert advice. • Spotted: Price’s Street, Southwark, London, SE1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bermondsey and Old Southwark

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  1. They continued to used those bells up until the 80s with the Chubb Delta 3 using those bells and is that a sab with a nicad but odd for the 60s

  2. They 100% used those in the 70s still. Yes, the bells with the side clanger were easy to stuff, cardboard or rags did them in. Very basic equipment. I first saw a bit of modern kit when I moved to Chubb mid 70s.

  3. Yes it was Brocks, but in those heady days we use to call the SAB a DEAC. I seem to remember the control panel was a PC52A. Tamper loops through the bell box was common practice in the 60’s. Then plunger micros on box cover assembly and then the plunger would be engaged by a screw in the wall. High Tec in those days. Then it went silly anybody remember the old AFA dustbin?

  4. Yes I agree it a brocks outside bell unit with the nicad cell backup
    also the old tangent hammer bell,you find these bells also in the old Autocall alarm system,came across them when with AFA 1968//

  5. I agree with Paul. it’s an old Broks Alarm. Amongst other things, the tale tale give away is the round mental part on the circuit board above the bell, this was the nicad rechargeable battery. Note that there are no tamper switches. They u sed to feed tamper wires through holes in the cover.

  6. This is really old, before my time 1969, if this type of bell was to be used inside it would be easy to insert cardboard or something else to stop the hammer hitting the gong. This type of bell was used for many years in fire alarms.

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