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“Abbey Alarm Systems”, York: mystery monastery

“Abbey Alarm Systems” burglar alarm, York • Monkish bell boxes abound around York: this firm is based in nearby Selby, home to one of the few English abbeys that Henry VIII didn’t smash up when he booted out the Catholics to gain multiple shagging / beheading rights. So presumably the building is meant to be Selby Abbey, though the silhouette looks nothing like it. Saddo that I am, I have Google image-searched the abbeys of England and found no match anywhere; in fact to my untutored eye it looks Germanic, so maybe it’s just random clip-art. It’s not even the same abbey used on Abbey’s Alarm Systems’ non-functional “under construction” page, which at least is Selby Abbey. Woo hoo! • Spotted: Newborough Terrace, York, Yorkshire, YO3, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of York Central

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  1. Awful design. You’d have to be stood under it to work out whose it is and how to contact them. When will people learn, name and number at most, in something larger than 12 point fonts.

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