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“Abel”, East Grinstead: biblical victim

“Abel Alarm” burglar alarm, East Grinstead • According to the Bible, Abel was the world’s first murder victim, being the son of Adam and Eve who was slain by his brother Cain. This firm’s memorable name is definitely a reference to the event, as recorded in this article I came across by an Abel employee. In it, the company’s boss Peter Eyre explains that when he launched the firm in 1965, he wanted a name that would sit atop all alphabetical lists. “So obviously I was looking at AA,” he is quoted as saying, “but that had already gone! Therefore, I picked up the Oxford Dictionary and came across Abel – who was the slayer of Cain. I thought that it was good to have a religious connection. In addition, the name Abel is at the top of the list…A followed by B. It infers and sounds like an alarm bell – A Bell! To sum up we as a company are very able…so that was it, I got it registered.” So the name is Abel, able, alphabetical and a bell – which is all very clever, but maybe the interview was wrongly transcribed, because Abel didn’t kill Cain, he was killed by him, becoming an eternal symbol of martyrdom. Whatever, my favourite placing of this biblical classic is above a door in Church Walk, shown below. • Spotted: Middle Row, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19, England, 2004 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Sussex Mid

Above: an old example of the biblical alarm aptly placed in Church Walk, Rugby

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  1. The Cain/Abel story appears in a number of traditions – probably reflects a conflict in Neolithic times between farmers and nomadic herders.

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